SPAIN: Tenerife Travel period: August 2020 Travel days: 10 Days Total kilometers on the road: Journey route: see below On The Way Mirador Archipenque Hike: Los Gigantes – Incompled Playa De Los Guios Corona Forestal Mirador Los Poleos Hike: Parque Nacional del Teide – Roques De Garcia Sunset   Hike: Reserva Natural Especial de Montana […]


  Travel period: December 2019 Travel days: 21 Days Start location: Muscat (Oman) Hike region: Hajar Mountains Journey route: see below Muscat Nakhal Fort Wadi Al Abyad Wadi Mistral Wakan   Hike: Wakan – Hadasch   Hoqain Waterfall Wadi Bani Kharus Wadi Al Hijayr   Al Suwayh Al Suwayh Village Ruins Al Ulyah Hike: Al […]

Nature Park Eichenhain

Nature Park Eichenhain I remember the extensive hiking trails, but also the short, quiet walks that we took in this relaxing nature park. When the spring flowers of the scattered meadows decorate one with their scent and hope. When you are secretly enchanted and seduced by the relaxed beeches and the cool romantic Hagenbachklamm on […]

Naturpark Buchenberg: The Animal Park

  Tierpark Buchenberg   Start Location: Parking Waidhofen an der Ybbs End Location: Parking Waidhofen an der Ybbs Marked Route: Very Good Difficulty: Easy Landscape: *** Highlights: Animals Homepage: Tierpark Buchenberg Track Information: See below   Menschen haben oft in der Vergangenheit Berge bestiegen und Opfer erbracht, damit Götter ihnen die Wahrheit durch die Natur […]

Leckermoos in Göstling

  Protected Area: Leckermoos in Göstling   Start Location: Parking Leckermoos End Location: Parking Leckermoos Marked Route: Very Good Difficulty: Easy Landscape: *** Highlights: Panorama Track Information: See below                             TRACK INFORMATIONS       HOW TO GET HERE?   By train […]